SG shaft or Standard shaft engine answers here

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SG shaft or Standard shaft engine answers here

Post by tbill » Sat Mar 13, 2004 7:57 am

many questions have been asked about what style crank is needed, the answer is either one will work.

here are what the two look like,



STANDARD SHAFT the standard shaft crank has threads all the way to the end of the crank. to use this style crank it must be cut down, and an SG adapter must be used. the adapter nut is a combination clutch nut and pilot shaft. after the crank has been cut to length, the flywheel/clutch assembles as normal.

SG SHAFT the SG shaft crank has a short threaded section followed by the pilot shaft. this style crank needs no modification to assemble the flywheel/clutch assembly.

stock .21's and stock .25's have an SG shaft.

several adapters are available if a standard shaft is used. much like SG style clutch nuts, there are variations in height and spring groove location, so it may take buying one or two adapters to find one with the desired height/groove combination.

here is an example of an adapter,
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